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I lived my own transformation about five years ago. It was a number of years after watching my father die at the age of 52. I looked in the mirror. I was becoming him.

Like many of us, I wanted to be healthy. Heck, I’m in healthcare, I should know better! I teach patients to be healthy, yet I was not. I was living a lie, doing what most doctors tell their patients…diet and exercise. I was eating all organic, exercising and not losing anything. That is, until I discovered my program.

I now help people create their “Thin Healthy Mind” to go along with their new “Thin Healthy Body”.

Weight loss is the easy part. Staying healthy is where many struggle.

I don’t sell a diet; rather I coach my patients to create better health.

I work with:

People who are struggling with health issues associated with being overweight or obese such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. I have no geographical boundaries and work with these clients in almost all 50 states. I consult with their doctor if necessary.
Healthcare workers (MD’s, RN’s, PT’s, RD’s, etc) all over the country who are genuinely concerned about their patients’ health. Those who are tired and worn out from seeing so many sick patients only to prescribe more and more medication.
Yours in service,

Dr. Michael G Giambertone
Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life
“House Call” Chiropractor