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Independent Certified Representative Contact: Mark Kuat
Work Phone: 516.439.4530
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Mark Kuat is an experienced professional in finance with outstanding productivity both as a member of the team and as a supervisor. He is a dynamic leader and team builder with excellent communication skills, consistently motivating others toward success. Mark Kuat has a combination of expertise in international accounting, banking operations, administration, sales, corporate taxation, and audit. Currently, Mark is an Independent Certified Representative with MedXPrime, California based company.

MedXPrime Revenue Recovery (mr2) specializing in helping doctors, medical practices, laboratories, hospitals to recover tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in uncollectable insurance A/R; turning old, unrecovered funds into real bottom line assets.  We review ALL types of Insurance billing to determine if there are recoverable claims. mr2 can recover A/R from any commercial or government payer including Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare.

MedXPrime is a team of highly skilled forensic recovery specialists and is not a collection agency. There is no minimum and we can help any size practice. We provide an initial, no-cost detailed sample analysis specifying, claim by claim, why claims are denied and how to potentially recover.

A National Hospital had $360 million in Insurance Accounts Receivable; our team in just six months recovered $200 million.

Our 4-minute video will give you the highlights about how we can help doctors increase their profitability and explain our no-cost analysis of doctor’s aged A/R. VIDEO LINK – Click Here: Why MedXPrime Revenue Recovery(mr2)

There is no minimum, we can help any size practice to put money in their bank that was not there before and was very likely never going to be.