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David B. Alexander

President Insight and Energy
Work Phone: (718) 229-2609
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Greetings. Most of us know that health and fulfillment are important for achieving a good life, but many of us do not have a clear idea how to achieve these goals.

I have studied, practiced, and taught alternative healing and energy work since 1971, including meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, and mind / body connection through gestalt therapy training. This has been a lifelong exploration of health and fulfillment.

As human beings, we often need guidance and support in overcoming the obstacles that we face, whether experienced in internal challenges such as anxiety or loss of energy, or with challenges experienced in family, relationships, and financial issues.

After years of studying and practicing with some of the best in the world towards improving well-being and fulfillment in life, I would like to share the fruits of these practices with you.

If you want to develop your own clear awareness and the inner energy to take action for a more fulfilled experience of life, let’s start a conversation.